You open your Instagram and you’ll see it. You know you have to post – several days ago you do not put anything in your brand account. But … what to talk about? You feel that you have already put everything, that nothing is new.

You end up seeing the posts of other people and after losing half an hour you close the app, disappointed, feeling that social networks are useless.

It’s not you Not your brand. Not that you’re not good at this.

I promise that EVERYBODY happens to us.

Creating content is a mental state of creativity that is reached by stimulating you, giving you time, reflecting. It does not come like that in the 15 minutes between the end of your meeting and you expect the food to be ready.
In the last month I had more than 130 people sign up for the Content Bootcamp. And this has shown me not only that it happens to us all, but that by following the correct process, we ALL can generate better content for our brands.
That’s why today I want to help you that this generation is not the pebble in the shoe that bothers so much.
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¿A veces ya no sabes de qué escribir en tus redes sociales?. Estas 5 ideas te inspirarán para encontrar nuevas cosas de qué hablar para tu marca.
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